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How To Hire Workers From Manup Services


Henry Bassey. Updated Nov, 2021.

Signing up as A Company

Signing up on Manup grants you access to a global pool of vetted skilled workers across all Oil & Energy disciplines. It removes the pain-staking and time-consuming processes of wading through a large pool of candidates to make a hire, or rely on very expensive and fragmented staffing services to narrow down your search. We exist to simplify these processes by using precision algorithms to perform automated matching of pre-vetted and pre-qualified professionals to projects.

Signing up on Manup Services is simple:

  • From the homepage, click on the button “I AM LOOKING FOR WORKERS” and proceed to the next page.

Signing up on Manup

  • On the resulting page, click on the “GET STARTED” button to get to the registration form. Otherwise go to the Registration Form here.

  • Fill out the registration form accordingly. When done, accept the Manup’s Terms of Service and Click on the “Register” button.


  • Upon successful registration, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you continue with updating your profile on Manup.

Signing up on Manup


  • Next, verify your email address by clicking on the “VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” button.


Signing up on Manup


  • Continue the process clicking the “VERIFY YOUR ZOOM ACCOUNT” button to  activate your Manup Zoom account.



Signing up on Manup


  • Once verified, your dashboard should indicate green checks as seen in the image below:

Signing up on Manup


  • Finally, fill out the information about your company. We need to know your company’s:
    • Registration number
    • Name of designated representative
    • Date of Registration
    • Address
    • State
    • Annual turnover
    • Authorized Representative’s Identification, etc

  • Click “UPDATE PROFILE” once you’re done.

Congratulations! You are now ready to create your first project on Manup Services and get access to a pool of pre-vetted talents who are ready to get the hard work done!

Learn more about Manup Services.

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