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10 Must Have Skills And Qualifications For Oil And Energy Industry Workers

The demand for engineering professionals continues to rise: Nearly 140,000 new engineering jobs are expected to surface by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet as more engineers enter the field and the industry evolves, so too will the job opportunities and needs of employers.

To stay competitive in the job market, aspiring oil and energy workers and those who want to advance need a strong, diverse set of skills. Although there are specific skills that are required, the sector generally has a broad range of roles that all require different strengths and abilities.

Some useful qualifications in the oil and gas industry include.

• Technical or safety-related certifications

• Vocational or Apprenticeships

• A degree (either in Petroleum/Oil and Gas Engineering or in a similar field)

• Masters level qualification (mostly in the sciences or engineering)

• Doctorate (typically in science or engineering)


Some basic skills are:

Analytical skills - must be able to compile and make sense of large amounts of technical information and data in order to ensure that facilities operate safely and effectively.

Creativity - Because each new drill site is unique and therefore presents new challenges, oil and energy workers must be able to come up with creative designs to extract oil and gas.

Math skills - Many roles involve a lot of numerical calculations.

Problem Solving - Identifying problems in drilling plans is critical for oil and energy workers because these problems can be costly. oil and energy workers must be careful not to overlook any potential issues and must quickly address those which do occur.


A few more skills:

• Communication skills

• Strong work ethic

• Technical skills

• Attention to detail

• Teamwork

• Presentation skills


About the Author, Fisayo Adeyemi
Fisayo works in Business Operations at Manup and has a strong interest in the oil and energy industry. His educational background is in Petroleum Engineering from Covenant University and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: For Business Application from UTexas