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We created Manup to solve a challenge faced on one hand by companies needing to hire technical staff on-demand, for short-term project work in the energy industry. On the other hand, thousands of independent contractors, consultants, and freelance workers struggle to connect seamlessly with projects. Manup operates globally bridging this gap, and with our technology, help companies reduce time spent on administrative tasks related to sourcing vetting, mobilizing and managing workers. Using our platform lets you transparently keep a closer eye on contractor compliance. Customers can save as much as 30% on their variable labor costs and hire workers up to 10X faster.

Client Side
Three quick steps to get started using the platform are:
  • Client registers a Manup account Login and create project – Enter project parameters / description (work-scope, location, qualifications etc)
  • Select preferred personnel – Pre-screened and qualified personnel matching project requirements (location, availability, skill requirements, valid certification, etc) indicate their interest in working on the project – Schedule and interview workers you are interested in using in-app video platform - Select the workers of your choice.
  • Contract and deploy personnel – Finalize contract with Manup and personnel is deployed to designated location
Personnel Side
  • Start by selecting your discipline from one of two broad categories (Upstream Oil & Gas or Renewables & Green Tech). Click here to register a Manup account as a personnel.
  • Update profile (including academic qualifications, trainings, job experiences, payment information, asking dayrates etc) Also upload your certificates, identification, medical fitness to work etc)
  • Set Availability and you are set to start receiving notifications of projects best matched to your qualifications, experience, location and availability

At a minimum, you should provide a description of the main aspects of the project; workscope, type of personnel (discipline / sub-discipline required), qualifications, skill level, language, end client facility, field, tentative start date, expected duration and any other information useful to know.

Manup excludes you from hiring personnel contracted from the platform on a permanent basis without expressly agreeing with us. You agree to pay Manup a one-time fee equal to 10% of the annual gross salary you that you offer to the personnel to Manup as a condition to hiring the personnel. This applies to any personnel that you have contracted on the Manup platform within the previous six months from the intended permanent hire date.

Once a Manup customer selects personnel it intends to hire for a project, a contract is signed electronically on the Manup Application between the customer and Manup.

We provide round the clock support to all users of the Manup platform. If you need technical support contact us at, for sales support, contact us at For general enquiries contact us at or complete the contact form on the home page.

There are thousands of workers currently on the Manup platform from 81 countries. Though our immediate focus is on the USA, UK, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, Manup plans to support clients across the globe. Please contact us if you have a project outside of the five countries listed above

Manup is committed to helping its customers meet their contingent project staffing and assume the administrative hassles clients would otherwise be saddled with. For this reason, Manup has created and maintains a unique platform that automates the vetting, matching, and management of skilled workers. Furthermore, our technology gives you real-time visibility on the personnel's location and availability thereby minimizing the time and effort it would otherwise take personnel and partners to connect and consummate a transaction. Manup relieves the client of the payroll burden as it undertakes the timely payment of project personnel and in turn issues one invoice to the client saving them transaction costs. Manup charges a nominal fee to cover its overheads for providing this service.

Please contact us immediately. You have the option to select replacement personnel with commensurate experience. We are committed to resolving any unfortunate but unlikely situation where the work provided by a personnel contracted on the Manup platform is unsatisfactory.

Projects can be canceled without consequence provided the worker(s) have not been mobilized. Should you need to cancel a project after personnel have been mobilized, you will be liable to pay any mobilization fees Manup incurred for deploying the personnel as well as the personnel day rate starting from their mobilization day till they return home.

Personnel day rate charges begin accruing from the day the personnel arrives at the client’s designated location and stays in effect till they return home at the client’s direction, at the end of their rotation or at the end of the project.

Sign up or sign in if you have an account already. Click on the “Create New Project” menu at the bottom of your dashboard and input the project details as required. Alternatively, you can speak to our team to help out by booking a call here

Hundreds of skilled workers from across the globe sign up to the Manup platform every week. Manup’s automated digital marketing outreach ensures that we are able to attract personnel very quickly across fourteen disciplines – (UPSTREAM) Production, Marine, Engineering construction & procurement, Drilling, Geo-Environmental, Subsea, Quality Health Safety & Environment, Integrity Maintenance & Inspection and Subsurface – (RENEWABLES/GREEN TECH) Hydrogen, Wind, Solar, Geothermal & Data Science

The Manup platform streamlines the process of connecting with personnel directly once you post your project and personnel requirements. Refer to the section that describes how Manup works.

What are the advantages of hiring with Manup / How will hiring with Manup add value to my company’s hiring process?

The Manup business model streamlines the process by which companies connect with skilled workers they need on projects, often with very tight mobilization timelines. We eliminate time wasted in screening or vetting personnel so your projects can proceed expeditiously

Your email address and a valid password (minimum 8 characters) is needed to login. Please check you are using your correct email address and password

On the Manup app or via the Manup website, click the Login button, this Will redirect you to the Login portal. Click “Forgot Password” this link will send you to the password reset portal. Enter the email that you have affiliated with your Manup account. Then select the Request Password Reset. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Email filters vary from system to system. It’s possible that our emails might have gone to your spam or other folder. Please check for our emails in one of those folders. If you continue to have a problem contact us at

The best way to contact us with your requirement is via mail at you can use the contact form on the home page. Whichever method you use, be rest assured we will respond quickly and efficiently.

We predominantly serve in the energy sectors across the globe. These include hundreds of specialized disciplines across the Upstream Oil & Gas & Renewable & Green Tech categories.

Manup partners with companies working on projects globally. These can either be in your country or a different country. Details of project mobilization in a different country will be communicated when the project is posted and discussed in the virtual interview with the client that posted the project (if you are selected for an interview)

The Manup algorithm is designed to match workers with projects best suited to their unique profile. You will be notified immediately a project that fits your profile (discipline, location, availability, etc) is created. Ensure you have completely updated your profile so you are able to indicate interest in projects that matches your profile.

Yes, you can reach our support team at, and a member of our team will assist you. You can also chat with us on WhatsApp at +1 (346) 441-5234

Although Manup has been active on social media since 2020, we officially launched in June 2021 and became generally available for business immediately thereafter. We are onboarding several companies with an ongoing need for skilled workers across various categories. We encourage you to ensure your profile is fully updated so you can be notified whenever projects that match your profile become available.

Manup works with any Oil & Gas / Energy company that has a project which needs skilled personnel. Our doors are open to all partnerships and you can bring corporate partners on board

Manup is a marketplace that facilitates the seamless and direct connection of companies and Personnel. We are the platform that connects clients (who post projects) with Personnel (who are looking for projects)

Manup's proprietary algorithm intelligently matches you with projects that fit your unique profile. Once a Client posts a project that fits your profile, you will get an alert that a new project is available. We encourage personnel to always update their profile to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Manup does not determine the location of projects. Companies that post projects on the Manup platform specify the locations of their projects. Both onshore and offshore projects are available on the Manup platform.

Yes. Chat with us on WhatsApp at +1 (346) 441-5234

Both are equally important to Manup's Algorithm. We encourage personnel to always update their profile to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

We officially launched in June 2021 and became generally available for business immediately thereafter. Several Manupers are already connecting with projects on Manup and we are continually onboarding several companies with an ongoing need for skilled workers across various categories. We encourage you to ensure your profile is fully updated so you can be notified whenever projects that match your profile become available.

There are over 5000 Manupers on the platform

Our Clients who post projects might request some industry recognized Safety certificates like HUET, or BOSIET or any other industry recognized safety certificate

At the stage you are creating a Manup profile, we expect you to already have a medical certificate that is still valid (i.e not yet expired). This is what you should upload t o your Manup Profile.

Immediately a client posts a project that fits your profile, you will be alerted via your email even if your profile is incomplete You will need to complete your Manup profile to a 100% and upload all documents to be able to apply for projects

You will need to request to change your sub-discipline from "Riggers and Scaffolders" to Roustabout to be able to go on roustabout projects . Please send an email to and a member of our team will assist you within 24 hours.