Instantly hire from thousands of pre-vetted, skilled Oil & Energy workers

The new way companies connect with contract workers and consultants - Manup's powerful algorithms simplifies the processes by which companies source, contract and manage skilled professionals

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Tired of the pain of finding, vetting and contracting skilled workers for your projects?

Because of the safety-critical nature of the energy industry, we place a premium on compliance and appreciate its importance to successful project delivery.

We guarantee that any personnel contracted through our platform has been subjected to rigorous vetting and compliance checks.

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Our Promise

"We will always find you the right people at the right time and at the right price."

Value to Businesses

Speed of Hire

Manup help clients reduce time to fill and lower administrative costs

Compliance Enforcement

Technology enabled platform for efficient compliance monitoring, training and workers accreditation assurance

Cognitive & Behavioral Matching

Remove the guesswork from hiring on demand skilled workers

Global Presence

Access the fastest growing network of pre-vetted employees across 70+ countries

Value to Workers

Timely Payments

Manup lets you access your paycheck early.

Democratized Rates

Decide your own rates as you compete with other candidates

Value added services

Access to training and other services curated to keep you competitive in the industry


Work on your own terms on projects best matched to your skills, availability and location

The must-have workforce management app.

Connect with Oil & Energy jobs on the go


220 + SKILLS

Source pre-vetted skilled workers from every Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy domain (Drillers, production operators, HSE Supervisors, Pipeline Technicians etc)


Our Mission

At Manup, our mission is to expand economic opportunities for the men and women who work on mission critical energy projects while solving real business problems for the companies that hire them

In the Energy industry, not having the right skilled worker on the project at the right time can have hundreds of millions of dollars of operational and potentially, profound safety impact. Founded by an experienced team of Energy industry professionals, we tap on years of domain expertise to help clients efficiently find, vet, train and mobilize workers on-demand, while expanding economic opportunities for the men and women working on mission-critical projects that power the world

We are pleased to be solving real business problems for all users of the Manup platform.

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" We built Manup to automate the complex legacy workflows of lifecycle workforce management; to help energy workers find their next project faster, stay on top of their training and certifications, access world class benefits and take more money home "

Dimeji Bassir - President

How do I hire workers from Manup?

Manup automates the painstaking and time-consuming processes of wading through a large pool of candidates to make a hire or relying on very expensive and fragmented staffing services to narrow down your search. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

How do I create projects on Manup services?

By creating your project on the Manup Services platform, you are ready to take advantage of the platform’s advanced matching logic which custom-matches the most qualified personnel to your projects. That way you save time and money. Read the short guide here.

In which countries are Manup services available?

There are thousands of workers currently on the Manup platform from 81 countries. Though our immediate focus is on the USA, UK, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, Manup plans to support clients across the globe. Please contact us if you have a project outside of the five countries listed above

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How do I signup for Manup Services?

Registering on Manup automatically gives you access to hundreds of oil and energy project notifications that match your qualifications and skillsets - without you having to go through the rigorous process of applying to many jobs. Here is a quick guide to signing up

Skilled Worker
Is Manup a recruiting agency?

Manup is a marketplace that facilitates the seamless and direct connection of companies and Personnel. We are the platform that connects clients (who post projects) with Personnel (who are looking for projects)

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What does Manup prioritize, personnel experience, or qualifications/certifications?

Both are equally important to Manup's proprietary Algorithm. We encourage personnel to keep their profile 100% updated so they stand out in the competitive marketplace.

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