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7 Tips To Get You Started On Renewable Projects Worldwide

Almost all governments and organizations have acknowledged the growing need to invest heavily in renewable energy moving forward. As a result of this, the number of renewable energy projects globally has been on the increase.

We have put together some tips to help you get everything you need to break into the booming renewable energy sector and find your next opportunity anywhere in the world. The renewable energy sector has many different parts, and this is a short list of some areas you might be considering beginning your career in or you might be a renewable energy professional already who is looking for that next global project. 

  1. Biofuels and Bioenergy Jobs
  2. Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Jobs
  3. Cleaner Coal Jobs
  4. Electrical Energy Storage Jobs
  5. Electrical Transmission and Distribution Jobs
  6. Fuel Cell Jobs
  7. Geothermal Jobs
  8. Green Transport Jobs
  9. Hydropower Jobs
  10. Hydrogen Production Jobs
  11. Solar Power Jobs
  12. Tidal Energy Jobs
  13. Thermal Energy Storage Jobs
  14. Wave Power Jobs
  15. Wind Energy Jobs
  16. Waste to Energy Jobs


Renewable share of annual power capacity expansion


From the Chart above, personnel considering a career in renewables should be excited that they would be joining a growing industry with increasing demand that has consistently grown over the last two decades.

On Manup’s Platform, we provide our Manupers (users of the Manup Platform) with access to global renewables & green tech projects globally at the click of a few buttons.

Manup offers the following sub-disciplines for renewable projects:

  1. Wind Projects
  2. Geothermal Projects
  3. Hydrogen Projects
  4. Data Science Projects
  5. Solar Projects
  6. Other Projects

Renewables & Green Tech

Starting a career in the renewable energy sector could help you become one of the numerous change-makers in the world today. But how does one go about entering the industry as a newbie?


Let’s dive into the tips


Do your Homework

1. Research on Training

Although a lot of renewable energy projects require certain training, many companies are providing the needed training to break you in. Be sure to find out how the employer would support you – don’t be put off a project just because it asks for skills you do not have yet! An alternative to this is to look into doing internships or apprenticeships to get industry knowledge and experience.


2. Write (or rewrite) your CV

It is very important for personnel to keep an updated CV that reflects skills that are transferable to the sector including skills like project management, HSE, and many more. If you possess industry-specific skills, Manup strongly recommends you include those in your updated CV.


Go Social

3. Have discussions with Specialists in the renewable energy industry

The journey to kick-starting your career in the renewable energy industry can be fast-tracked if you understand the roles of someone who is already in the field/sub-discipline you are interested in. For example, If you are interested in solar projects, the Manup team recommends that you connect with and discuss with solar professionals who have gone on the type of projects you want to go on.

The industry specialist can give you information that will allow you to assess whether you will be able to handle the project you want. They would provide invaluable insight around project requirements, specific skills, certifications their client typically ask for. Think of this person(s) as an industry mentor.


4. Stay updated on renewable energy news

Frequently read about renewable energy updates from websites, blogs, and pages that post content consistent with the type of projects you are interested in. Reading renewable energy blog updates on the Manup Blog is our number 1 recommendation!


5. Find Networking opportunities

After you’ve done everything listed, go out and meet industry leaders, and stay informed on any new developments or updates. This doesn’t even require you to leave the house, at least not initially. You can turn to platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with individuals who might help you get to your goal and land that dream project.


6. Build your online profile

Many renewable energy companies are keen to encourage women into STEM as well as attract graduates. Anyone with any interest in entering the sector should build an online profile to stay informed on opportunities using LinkedIn and other such platforms.


Take Action now!

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About the Author

Fisayo works in Business Operations at Manup and has a strong interest in the oil and energy industry. His educational background is in Petroleum Engineering from Covenant University and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: For Business Application from UTexas