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Barge Engineer; Job Description And Salary

Who Is a Barge Engineer?

A Barge Engineer is saddled with the duty of ensuring that all mechanical systems on the barge are fully functional throughout the operation.

He/she oversees the crew of engineering staff on board while ensuring the stability and maintenance of systems on the badge.


Barge Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Among the numerous responsibilities of a Barge engineer, the core includes ensuring detailed compliance with all safety procedures; the upkeep and repair of the hydraulic, pneumatic, water, fuel and sewage systems of the barge.

Their other responsibilities include the following:

  • Supervision of all the loading and unloading of equipment and materials to ensure an even distribution of weight on the barge.
  • Ensures that documentation and instructions for mechanical and electrical system operation are not outdated but are kept up to date.
  • Ascertain that cranes are functional and certifications and licenses are current and the operators are also qualified.
  • Enforce total compliance with local and international regulations and company policies as regards the barge operation.
  • Communicate any equipment breakdown to the field support group and ensure there is a safe and smooth operation.
  • Notify the Rig Foreman and other appropriate personnel to reorder items, supply spare parts and load them for transportation.
  • Verify that all safety equipment is in good shape and that all crew members can respond appropriately in the event of a fire or hydrocarbon release.
  • Takes a thorough inventory of all equipment including supplies and spare parts.
  • Oversees the entire marine operations on the barge and ensures that all machinery is properly operated without mishandling.


Other Barge Engineer Job and Skill Requirements

  • Effective leadership and managerial skill
  • Sound knowledge of safety protocols and regulations
  • Firefighting skill
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to multitask with team spirit
  • Efficient time management skill


Barge Engineer's Qualification and Experience

Expertise cannot be overemphasized when it comes to marine-related jobs.

To qualify as a barge engineer, a minimum of 2-3 years of experience with other offshore operations will give you an upper hand.

  • Experience in operating computerized engineering equipment.
  • Experience with the Engine room


Although qualifications may vary from company to company, the following basic certifications will give you a competitive advantage in the labor market:

  • Ship training, certification and watch keeping (STCW)
  • Offshore survival course certifications such as the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training Certificate (BOSIET)
  • The U.S. Coast Guard endorsement certificate
  • Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)


How Much Do Barge Engineers make?

Barge Engineers make an average of $85,000 per annum. However, the salary varies according to your level of exposure and experience, qualification, and of course the employer.



Can a woman be a Barge Engineer?

Yes. Although Barge Engineers are predominantly men, about 96%, there is still a 4% space occupied by women in the occupation.


How Can I Become a Barge Engineer?

  • The first basic step will be a bachelor's degree in Engineering.
  • Earn extra certifications such as BOSIET, MIST, STCW, etc.
  • Take more management of major emergency courses.
  • Apply for internships relating to Barge engineering, to build experience.
  • Apply for entry-level roles as an Assistant Barge Engineer.


Who Does a Barge Engineer Report to?

The Barge Engineer reports to the Chief Engineer also known as the Chief.


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