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Deck Pusher Job Description & Salary

...Tomiwa Oladipo Published November 2022

Who Is a Deck Pusher?

The deck pusher oversees the safe and orderly execution of deck and cargo operations aboard the ship at the immediate discretion of the Drilling Superintendent and Toolpusher. This includes oversight of all cranes and stowage of bulk materials, cargo, drilling equipment, and adequate housekeeping of related spaces.


Deck Pusher Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervises all crane and deck operations, such as tubular lifting, running riser and casing, loading/stowage of deck cargo and equipment, etc.
  • Coordinates all boat operations, particularly the unloading and loading of deck cargo and bulk products from various support vessels
  • Clearly and regularly communicates with the Toolpusher to support the drill floor fully and bridge the gap between crane operators and boat vessels.
  • Provides Roustabouts and Crane Operators with relevant instructions for current and forthcoming operations
  • Ensures all decks, sack store, and other cargo-related spaces are organized, clean, and inventoried/audited.
  • Checks loads for clearance, proper slinging, balance, obstructions in movement, etc.
  • Maintains an inventory of the slings and lifting equipment in use
  • Performs assigned duties during safety drills and emergencies as designated on the station bill
  • Monitors weather conditions and rig motion as related to crane operations and secures operations in unsafe conditions
  • Ensures proper permitting/TRA for all non-routine tasks, work over water, or working at heights 
  • Actively involved in subordinate’s mentorship and development
  • Maintains regular communication with client representatives and logistic coordinators
  • Actively participates and ensures subordinates participate in weekly safety meetings and other safety management system issues
  • Ensures all deck personnel have the necessary skills, training, and competencies to perform their tasks and regularly appraise direct reports
  • Communicates with all departments, client, and service partners as required
  • Accurately documents work status at the end of shift and hitch hand-overs
  • Supervises and ensures compliance of all deck and cargo operations with the company policies and procedures


Other Job and Skill Requirements

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Numerical competence
  • Teamwork
  • Treats others fairly and with respect
  • Mechanical aptitude


Deck Pusher Qualifications & Experience

  • High school diploma or an equivalent (GED)
  • Minimum of 4 years experience as an offshore crane operator (varies per company)
  • Completion of all mandatory training and certification requirements for Deckpusher
  • Knowledge of all offshore technical operations
  • Necessary Medical certificates
  • Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) certificates
  • Valid HUET/BOSIET Certificate
  • Valid Offshore Crane Operator Certification (LEEA)


Deck Pusher Salary

The average salary of a deck pusher in the United States is $71,570 per annum. The pay varies depending on location, education, job level, experience, company, and skills.



Who does the deck pusher report to?



Who is accountable to the deck pusher?

Crane Operators and Roustabouts

Deck Pusher Jobs Near Me

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