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How Do I Transition From Oil And Gas To Renewables?

As an oil and gas worker or professional, you have most likely developed some skills that can are also needed in the renewable industry. Skills like:

• Project management

• Engineering

• Construction

• Finance

• Operations


To successfully transition into the renewable industry, you must


1. Know the skills you already possess.

2. Understand how those skills can be used in the renewable industry.

3. Identify the industry-specific skills and certifications needed in the niche you are interested in within the renewable industry (e.g. solar or wind)

4. Seek out opportunities to gain new skills (Manup tip! A good place to look is )


Some oil and gas skills in demand in the renewable energy sector


1.         Safety and general engineering

2.         Electrical engineering & high voltage

3.         Offshore skills


1.         Safety and general engineering - Although, each sector has slightly different standards, HSE skills and expertise are highly transferable even though additional training would be required.

2.         Electrical engineering & high Voltage - oil and gas workers who have experience working with high voltage electrical equipment will find that they can transition that domain knowledge to the renewable space.

3.         Offshore Skills - offshore, there are processes and technology that are similar to what is used in the oil and gas industry as well as the renewable industry. For example:

                 • Candidates in civil engineering with offshore oil and gas experience are also highly sought after in the renewable space.


                 • workers who operate tugboats and marine vessels will still be needed in the renewable industry.