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Join Industry Leaders Across The Energy Sector To Learn How To #StayAheadOfTheHunt

The energy landscape is rapidly changing with far-reaching implications and multidimensional uncertainty as the transition gets underway. Faced with this challenge, key actors, including operators, service-based companies, oil-exporting countries, and professionals working in the sector are left with more questions than answers and are intuitively embracing the telling signs that “business-as-usual’ will not take the industry much farther.

As one ponders the situation, one key question comes to mind - in what specific ways does the accelerated energy transition and uncertainty affect industry actors? There is an argument that service-based companies need to develop strategies that are likely to be successful under a wide set of possible future market conditions. On the other hand, how do professionals working in the industry keep up with the transition and ensure they stay relevant in the job market? How do they stay competitive in the face of this rapidly transitioning industry?

‚ÄčTraditional recruitment processes in the energy sector, while not completely obsolete, have certainly seen competition from innovative and dynamic tech-driven solutions like the use of Applicant Tracking Systems, use of “Artificial intelligence powered recruitment chatbots”, Sourcing and Matching Candidates with Artificial Intelligence and much more. The difficulty in forecasting where this evolution is headed leaves jitters among stakeholders.

A Deloitte study on “The future of work in oil, gas and chemicals” shows that about 107,000 workers were laid off between March and August 2020 because of the pandemic. The data further suggests that as much as 70% of jobs lost during the pandemic may not come back by the end of 2021 in a consensus business-as-usual scenario. Now what does this mean for the average professional in the energy industry? COVID-19 has challenged the way work is done in the industry and begs the question; how do workers stay ahead of the hunt in this changing industry?

To unpack these issues, Manup is facilitating a unique virtual networking opportunity among sector stakeholders by bringing together service providers, skilled workers, operating companies, certification bodies, and thought leaders in a virtual career summit themed “Ahead of the Hunt” which holds on June 30, 2021, from 10 am - 4 pm Central Daylight Time (GMT-05:00)

The event will feature thought-provoking panel discussions and presentations, covering topics across the Energy Transition, Diversity and Inclusion in energy, using data to build effective high performing teams in the Energy sector, and more.

Panelists will deliberate on what the future of work might look like as the energy transition gathers steam and try to unpack what the transition portends for the workforce mix going forward, including how professionals operating in a sector prone to so much cyclicality can stay competitive long-term despite the transition.

For companies grappling with deciphering what adaptations are required to stay afloat amidst the  

most severe contractions over the past year, the urgency to make seismic adjustments to their cost structure may actually present organizational transformation opportunities that technology could enable in many respects.

We look forward to welcoming you to the maiden Manup career summit.