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Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer; Job Description And Salary

Who is a Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer?

This is also known as an MPD engineer. A managed pressure drilling engineer ensures and improves safety and efficiency in drilling operations. In managed pressure drilling, specialized equipment is used to control the pressure in the well being drilled. While working as an MPD engineer, you are expected to closely monitor the well, largely relying on the use of RCD, Rotating Control Device.


Duties and Responsibilities of a Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer

A managed pressure drilling engineer must be well-skilled and knowledgeable to ensure a safe and smooth operation of all managed pressure drilling functions.

Other responsibilities include the following:

  • In charge of all managed pressure drilling operations on the rig.
  • Follow all QHSE procedures, that is, quality, health, safety and environment procedures.
  • In charge of taking inventory and ensuring that all equipment sent to the location is complete and functional.
  • Supervise, delegate and organize all aspects of rig up, maintenance and operation of all managed pressure drilling equipment on the rig site and base.
  • Ensure that the exact equipment systems are installed on drilling units.
  • Ensure the completion of scheduled well operations with the MPD system.
  • Provide mentorship and adequate guidance to junior personnel.
  • Supervise crew shifts and rotation while on the rig.
  • Communicate with the third-party providers on the rig, such as mud loggers, mud companies, and so on.


Other Job and Skill Requirements

  • Effective leadership.
  • Excellent communication skill.
  • Organizational and managerial skill.
  • Thorough understanding of safety protocols and regulations.
  • Ability to pay close attention to details.


Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer's Qualification and Experience

To work as an MPD engineer requires a vast degree of expertise. Some basic benchmarks you must have to qualify are:

  • An Engineering degree.
  • 2-5+ years experience in oilfield operation.
  • General technical and mechanical knowledge.
  • Knowledge of Managed pressure drilling technology.
  • Basic safety training and certifications.
  • Experience with traditional drilling systems.


Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer's Salary

The salary of a managed pressure drilling engineer differs depending on experience, company and skill set of the engineer. The average salary of a managed pressure drilling engineer annually is between $85,068-$101,225. This can be more or less.



How can I find a job as a Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer?

Do you have the necessary skills? Then, you are covered. We have created a marketplace to connect you with top recruiters. We are here for you.


How does Managed Pressure Drilling work?

Managed pressure drilling is a sealed circulation system that balances and regulates pore pressure, formation fracture pressure, and bottom hole pressure at the surface.

Managed pressure drilling helps in better management of the annular frictional pressure. Some major problems encountered in drilling such as stuck pipe or lost circulation are abated with managed pressure drilling.


How do I become a Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer?

For an engineering job like this, you should consider getting a degree in engineering.

There are many short courses on managed pressure drilling on the internet. Take some of them to understand the technology behind managed pressure drilling. Lastly, you can start your career as a junior managed pressure engineer and become better exposed to the field.


Is managed pressure drilling the best?

This new form has been proven to be safer than the traditional drilling method. It was originally made as a solution for undrillable wells, but various sorts of wells can now use managed pressure drilling technology to efficiently manage key downhole pressure and be assured of efficiency and safety.


Managed Pressure Drilling Engineer Jobs Near Me  

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