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Manup, Focused On Expanding Opportunities For Skilled Professionals Launches The First Global, Energy-Industry-Focused Workforce Management Platform

Jun 09, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Manup services today announced the launch of its algorithm-powered workforce management platform designed to simplify the processes by which energy companies source, contract and manage skilled professionals for their operations. At its core, the nature of energy sector operations lends to a just-in-time staffing model, work is temporary in nature requiring hundreds of specialized skilled workers on-demand to execute. Yet despite this unique scenario, the legacy way by which projects are staffed hamstrings both the demand and supply side of the hiring transaction - the absence of a globally recognized consolidated platform that intelligently matches workers to projects based on their qualifications, location, and required skills belabors the hiring process leaving workers without visibility to projects and companies languishing in chronic operational inefficiencies.

Manup is determined to upend the status quo and has created its workforce management platform to help companies navigate these inefficiencies. Manup's proprietary technology enables efficient and automated screening for certification, smart matching of projects to professionals, in-app virtual interviewing, behavioral and cognitive assessments, and a host of other features curated to streamline the process of connecting projects to the right workers and reduce time spent on the ensuing administrative tasks.

"Manup is fundamentally changing how energy professionals find work. We have developed a fast-growing digital skill cluster and already seeing an organic network effect, having onboarded close to 4000 workers from over 80 countries prior to launch". "For the first time, a system that gives companies visibility to every professional within specific geographical locations across 200 plus renewable and hydrocarbon production disciplines has been developed. This implies that companies can hire up to ten times faster and bank up to 30% savings in variable labor costs," says Dimeji Bassir, President at Manup.

"It makes a world of difference when a drilling rig operator has visibility to all relevant, certification-validated, field-ready personnel local to the country of their next two-well project at a push of a few buttons. In addition to enabling local content compliance, savings from avoiding cross-border mobilization and demobilization of personnel on a 120-day campaign in this scenario and facilitating all well-specific training and orientation activities on Manup tops 2 million dollars."

Inspired by a vision to build a new category that will define how work will be found and executed in the energy industry going forward, Manup's intuitive processes enables workers to spend less time finding their next project. With a mission to expand opportunities for workers, Manup provides benefits including access to affordable healthcare insurance as well as training opportunities. Professionals set their availability, name their own day rates, and can extend their services to a local, regional, or global audience.

According to Bassir "An industry at a tipping point where work and the workforce are changing must embrace operational innovation. Organizational competitiveness and efficiency hinge primarily on how quickly and to what extent operational workflows are digitalized". This is our point of view and the value Manup offers the industry - a solution that will enhance organizational agility pertaining to helping energy companies efficiently and cost-effectively hire, reskill, and upskill their workforce, a sustainable solution," he concludes.

Manup is launching in the USA and subsequently in the UK and Nigeria later in 2021. To learn more about the Manup service, visit

About Manup:

Manup is a purpose-built workforce marketplace for the energy industry pioneering the intelligent & seamless connection of service-based companies with pre-vetted freelance energy professionals. Our mission is to expand economic opportunities for the men and women who work on mission-critical energy projects while solving real business problems for the companies that hire them.

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