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Motorman; Job Description And Salary

Who is a Motorman?

A member of an offshore drilling crew in charge of the day-to-day maintenance of engines on an oil rig. The Motorman performs preventive maintenance as well as minor repairs. While working alongside the Engine officers, he/she carries out most of the basic tasks in the engine room.

In addition, the Motor man works to ensure that the engines powering the drilling equipment and other rig equipment are working smoothly.


Duties and Responsibilities of a Motorman

A motorman carries out a myriad of obligations to ensure the upkeep and functionality of all the systems involved in an operation. Other responsibilities include the following:

  • Regular inspection of machinery, as well as the bilge, pump rooms, and tanks.
  • Ensure the engine room is neatly kept and all equipment is properly stowed.
  • Examination of equipment such as turbines, condensers, and pumps and also record or report the findings to the engine officers.
  • Support the mechanic, rig maintenance supervisor, Electrician, and Engineers in servicing all rig power-producing equipment along with all fuel, water, air, cooling, and heating systems.
  • Ensure that all compound components are properly oiled and greased to enable smooth operation and that regular rotations are performed.
  • Train Roughnecks which are also called floor hands.
  • Consistently test equipment for operability and safety.
  • Implements and enforces safety and environmental regulations.
  • Communicate appropriate maintenance or repair to the Toolpusher.
  • Ensure that all unfinished repairs and projects are completed within the specified time frame.
  • Verify that all maintenance operations are conducted safely and be accountable for correcting or alerting parties responsible for any unsafe act or condition.
  • Work closely with the oil rig crew and assist other members of the crew as instructed by the Rig Maintenance Supervisor.
  • The Motorman operates and maintains drilling mud systems and pumps during drilling.
  • When a minor fault is detected with equipment, the Motorman finds a way to salvage the state of such equipment.
  • Ordering tools and replacing spare parts.


Other Motorman Job and Skill Requirements

  • Effective communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of safety guidelines, protocols and regulations.
  • Interpersonal skills and Analytical skills.
  • Ability to pay attention to details.
  • Ability to work with a team.
  • Must possess great physical stamina.
  • Good organization and managerial skills.


Motorman's Qualifications and Experience

There are not many bars you must measure to qualify as a Motorman. Here are the fundamental ones that you must tick off before commencing your search.

  • High School Diploma or an equivalent.
  • A knack for mechanical stuff.
  • Knowledge of diesel engines.
  • Basic Safety training and certifications.
  • Experience as a technician or an oiler.
  • Experience as Roughnecks also called floor hands.
  • Familiar with HSE practices common to the industry.


Motorman Salary

The average salary of a Motor Man is between $49,751 and $55,476 per annum. However, the salary can be more than this amount depending on the company, your skill set and your experience.



How can Motormen Increase their salary?

To earn more as a Motorman, you may have to obtain an advanced degree. However, one other way will be to change your employer, especially when you have more years of experience and an advanced degree.


Can a Roughneck become a Motorman?

With the right work attitude and aptitude for mechanics, a Roughneck can be promoted to Motorman.


Is a Motorman different from a Motorhand?

No. A Motorman is also called a Motorhand.


How do I become a Motorman?

  • You must hold at least a high school diploma.
  • Possess robust mechanical knowledge.
  • Obtain basic safety training certifications.
  • Get familiar by starting as an Oiler or a Roughneck.


Who does a Motorman answer to?

He answers to the Second Engineer or the Engine room operator as the case may be.


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