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Structural Inspector; Job Description And Salary

Who is a Structural Inspector?

In the oil and gas sector, a Structural Inspector is a professional responsible for testing, inspecting and evaluating the integrity of structures such as pipelines, storage tanks, drilling rigs, pressure vessels and all other equipment used in operation.

They ensure the various structures and equipment utilized in extraction and processing comply with industry standards and regulations. After inspection, the Structural Inspector must also communicate any potential safety threat for immediate correction.


Duties and Responsibilities of a Structural Inspector

The duties of a structural inspector in the oil and gas sector are crucial in preserving safety and compliance in the industry as well as the long-term sustainability of oil and gas operations. The following are the significant responsibilities attached to the office of the structural inspector:

  • Constantly examine the structural integrity of structures and equipment used in the industry.
  • Maintain a detailed record of every inspection result and any alteration made to any structure.
  • Review technical drawings and other engineering data and see that each structure is built according to specifications.
  • Conduct risk assessments, implement management measures, and reduce the possibilities of accidents and hazards.
  • Responsible for inspecting the structures to ensure they comply with the industry safety regulations and standards.
  • Report inspection and test results to management and other relevant parties, such as the contractors and engineers.
  • Provide technical assistance to the engineering and maintenance department whenever consulted.
  • Ensure every work is done according to the guidelines, codes and regulations and that all necessary documentation is in place.


Structural Inspector Qualification and Experience


Structural Inspector other Job and Skill Requirements

  • Excellent communication skill
  • Team play spirit.
  • Sound knowledge of safety protocols and regulations.
  • Keen insight into engineering principles and non-destructive testing techniques.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Attention to detail.


Structural Inspector Salary

The annual salary of a structural inspector in the US is dependent on factors like expertise, experience, geographical location and company. However, the average salary is around $70,000 per annum.



Is a Structural Inspector different from a Structural engineer?

Yes. A Structural Inspector differs from a Structural Engineer, but sometimes both positions overlap. Here is the clear-cut difference.

A Structural Inspector inspects structures to detect any potential defect or structural issue that compromises safety.

On the other hand, a Structural Engineer majorly designs and analyses structures. They also ensure the structural integrity of oil and gas structures using their knowledge of engineering principles.

Although both positions are responsible for ensuring the safety of oil and gas structures, a Structural Inspector focuses on inspecting and identifying potential issues. At the same time, a Structural Engineer is primarily concerned with designing and analyzing those structures.


Who does the Structural Inspector report to?

The structural inspector answers to the Project manager or the Engineering Manager. However, they can also report directly to the Chief Engineer or Quality Manager depending on the company's hierarchical structure.


How to become a Structural Inspector?

  • First, obtain a bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Civil or Structural engineering.
  • Gain work experience through internships or part-time jobs in the engineering segment of the oil and gas industry.
  • Obtain relevant industry certifications such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Welding Society (AWS), API 510, API 570, and API 653 from the American Petroleum Institute (API). 
  • Obtain essential safety certificates like Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)
  • Apply for entry-level roles, gain on-the-job training and continue to climb.


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