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Who Is A Manuper

In simple terms, a Noun is the term for any word that names a person, place, or thing. Taking this further people have been given names based on their origin, characteristics, culture, demography, social association, profession, etc. These names can be referred to an individual or a specific collection or group of people. Thus we have created nouns like Policeman, Doctor, German, etc.


Manup is a platform for energy companies and workers to help both parties shorten the time to connect and achieve operational excellence during projects. Created specifically to manage recruitment, vetting, and on-boarding of short-term project-based personnel in the energy sector. Manup's algorithm streamlines the traditional recruitment process - replacing the heavy lifting tasks of sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing, onboarding, etc. with smart-matching and efficient workforce management. Automated documentation vetting and compliance checks, AI-based matching of candidates in line with project-specific requirements, without compromising the age-long process of one-on-one interviews, albeit virtual.


The subscribers to Manup - "Manupers", the individuals who make up this special community are then able to get hired 10X faster at lesser overhead to the hiring company - A win-win for both parties.


Our objective is that a Manuper should never have to struggle to find the next project as a freelancer and must always work on his/her own terms. A Manuper sets his or her asking day rates thus having control over individual competitiveness among other Manupers. In addition, the Manup platform provides its users value-added benefits which help improve professional competitiveness and morale.  Access to Training, compliance with respect to required certifications, getting paid faster with the Manup Flex Pay which allows a Manuper to select the payment method and currency of their choice, etc.


The Manuper will never again have to worry whether they will get shortlisted from a pool of majorly unvetted, irrelevant or non-compliant applicants (CVs). As Manupers, you are a member of a fast-growing digital skills pool of Energy industry professionals across 200 disciplines and 80+ countries. The behavioral & cognitive assessment feature and in-built one-on-one video interviews allow you to work only on projects best matched to your skills and capabilities. Digitally managing project Timesheet, invoicing, Permit to Work, etc, all on the application equates to an operational honeymoon!


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