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With Inflation Above 8%, Who Doesn't Need A Pay Raise?

At Manup, It’s our mission to expand economic opportunities for hardworking oilfield contractors & consultants, and you ought to know why we are better than your current staffing firm.

We offer:

  • Full liability protection for every contractor that bills/work through Manup

  • Access to individual health insurance options at the lowest cost (premium) possible

  • Access to thousands of deals, discounts, and other perks on retail, travel, restaurants, etc. for contractors and their families.

  • Discounted statutory training & certifications

  • Flexible payment options

  • Lowest split rate (with average savings to you of $300/Month)

  • Access to financial services- insurance, annuity and other investment options eg. you can invest your savings above in life insurance coverage with cash accruing options

And the beautiful part, you can start billing through Manup today if you’re currently working as an oilfield consultant.

Click here to see a simulation of how much more money you could make by switching to Manup today and how you can invest your savings in cash accruing financial instruments.

If you’d rather talk and have more inquiries call us on +1 346 442 5234

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