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With inclusiveness and sustainability at our core, Manup aims to define the way work will be found and executed from hereon. With 80+ disciplines across 78 countries, we bridge the gap between companies and the skilled workers they need to staff their projects by building a platform which will be every energy service company's destination everytime they need to hire a freelance worker

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Finding workers shouldn't be hard work

We've unleashed the power of technology, processes and deep domain knowledge to set on a journey that will alter the prevailing transactional dynamics between freelance energy industry workers and the people who hire them. We are passionate about enabling our clients who transverse the world in search of the energy that powers the rest of us.

The right worker at the right price at the right time promise.

We can make this promise only because we take the time to fully understand your priorities. With our in-depth understanding of the pain points service providers face when it comes to finding, vetting and mobilizing short-term project personnel on-demand, we have devised a model that addresses each of the legacy challenges efficiently and effectively.


Enabling digital transformation in the energy sector

The dynamic nature of energy industry operations requires agility on the side of service providers as well as the personnel they contract to go out and provide services in the fields. Both stakeholder groups are faced with the reality that the future of work in the field must change. Hiring would have to be per time, based on specific skill sets and for a stated period, in-short, more of the just-in-time model. Manup replaces the traditional method of sourcing personnel and reduces time spent on administrative tasks prior to mobilization



Manup offers transparency for both employers and employees as the platform offers one view to manage all personnel records,... Read more

verification, assessment (behavioral & cognitive) and offers advanced analytical Capabilities – Timesheet management and approval, Invoicing, Total personnel spend tracking, total man-hours per different selectable criteria etc. Enables data driven decisions based on platform’s reporting capabilities



Improved cashflow for clients as Manup assumes all administrative tasks for the service provider including payroll obligation



Provides operators peace of mind knowing that workers contracted through Manup have been subjected to rigorous... Read more

vetting in terms of competence and standards