How To Hire Workers From Manup Services


Henry Bassey. Updated Nov, 2021.

Signing up as A Company

Signing up on Manup grants you access to a global pool of vetted skilled workers across all Oil & Energy disciplines. It removes the painstaking and time-consuming processes of wading through a large pool of candidates to make a hire or relying on very expensive and fragmented staffing services to narrow down your search. We exist to simplify these processes by using precision algorithms to perform automated matching of pre-vetted and pre-qualified professionals to projects.

Signing up on Manup Services is simple:

  • From the homepage, click on the button “I AM LOOKING FOR WORKERS” and proceed to the next page.

Signing up on Manup

  • On the resulting page, click on the “GET STARTED” button to get to the registration form. Otherwise, go to the Registration Form here.

  • Fill out the registration form accordingly. When done, accept Manup’s Terms of Service and Click on the “Register” button.


  • Upon successful registration, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you continue with updating your profile on Manup.

Signing up on Manup


  • Next, verify your email address by clicking on the “VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” button.


Signing up on Manup

  • Continue the process by clicking the “VERIFY YOUR ZOOM ACCOUNT” button to activate your Manup Zoom account.



Signing up on Manup


  • Once verified, your dashboard should indicate green checks as seen in the image below:

Signing up on Manup


  • Finally, fill out the information about your company. We need to know your company’s:
    • Registration number
    • Name of the designated representative
    • Date of Registration
    • Address
    • State
    • Annual turnover
    • Authorized Representative’s Identification, etc


  • Click “UPDATE PROFILE” once you’re done.

Congratulations! You are now ready to create your first project on Manup Services and get access to a pool of pre-vetted talents who are ready to get the hard work done!

Learn more about Manup Services.

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