How To Update Your Profile On Manup Services

How to Update Your Profile and Upload Documents on Manup

Henry Bassey. Updated Nov, 2021.

The basic demographic information and professional documents help us to gain insights into our professionals, their preferences, and their intent for personalization purposes. In this guide, we will walk you through how to update your profile.

  1. After completing the verification process, you have the opportunity to confirm and update your basic information in your dashboard such as:
  1. Personal Information
  2. Bank Information
  3. Emergency Contact
  4. Skill Summary; and
  5. Other Information (T-Shirt Size and Linkedin Profile)


How to Update Your Profile on Manup


2. Once you have completed your basic information, you will be redirected to the page where you fill out advance information such as:

  1. Educational Information
  2. Training and Certifications
  3. Projects Worked On
  4. Reviews/References



Note that you cannot upload your documents without updating your profile information.

3. Now it’s time to upload your documents! It’s basically your CV, Profile Picture, International Passport/Driver’s Licence, and Medical Fitness Certificate.


How to Update Your Profile on Manup

4. Finally, you’ll need to set your availability for incoming projects. This helps our system to understand when to send you notifications. The availability status is based on if you are on a permanent rotation or not.


How to Update Your Profile on Manup


This ensures that workers who are currently engaged at a company but need to jump on available gigs during their time off are accounted for.

  • Simply choose your date of rotation, otherwise select NO, if not applicable.

How to Update Your Profile on Manup


  • Go ahead to select your availability status.
  • Make sure to always turn this ON and OFF depending on your availability status.

How to Update Your Profile on Manup


If you have gotten to this stage, congratulations, you are a real hero.

And you deserve an app!

Download the Manup app for android and ios.

Get your project notifications in real-time.


Learn more about Manup.

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