How To Create Projects On Manup Services

Henry Bassey. Updated Nov, 2021.

Creating Your First Project

By creating your project on the Manup Services platform, you are ready to take advantage of the platform’s advanced matching logic which custom-matches the most qualified and appropriate personnel to your projects. That way you save time. You save money.

Let’s get you started!

  • From your dashboard, click on “CREATE PROJECT” or start here.

Create projects on Manup

The required information you would need to enter is:

  • Project General Information (such as project description, facilities/end clients, etc)
  • Project Logistics Information (City, Project location, Estimated duration date)
  • Project Personnel Requirements (Their Discipline and sub-discipline)
  • Specific Personnel Requirements (Years of Experience, Required Certificates (select from a pre-populated listing of all pertinent Energy industry certifications, etc). 
  • Signify if professionals outside the country of your project should be considered.

Create projects on Manup

  • Finally, upload any supporting document for your project, such as an elaborate project description, etc.

  • All done! Now go ahead to CREATE PROJECT, and our algorithm will take it up from there!

The next guide will walk you through how to manage projects and personnel, set up interviews, manage contracts and timesheets, etc. all on Manup!

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