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Learn These Software Packages To Succeed In The Oil & Energy Sector

The oil and gas industry is organized into three segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. We have exploration, drilling, development, and production phases in the upstream sector, for example. To undertake operations, these phases require knowledge from a variety of technological disciplines, and software is available for each phase. Most software is problem or process-specific, which means it solves a specific problem or forecasts and controls a certain process; yet there are a lot of problems and processes out there.

Not all software is available for public use; some are "in-house," created by programmers employed by the operating company for use by the company's employees only.

Oil and Gas Software FALLS WITHIN broad categories that encompass exploration, extraction, engineering, production, and asset management. Individual software solutions, many of which are offered as modules in Oil and Gas Management Software packages, enable these activities. Producers, pipeline, plant, and field operations, as well as their scientists, engineers, operations staff, and management, employ oil and gas software.



According to G2, the following sub-categories can be found in oil and gas software:

  • Oil and Gas Exploration Software
  • Oil and Gas Geology and Seismic Software
  • Oil and Gas Simulation and Modeling Software
  • Oil and Gas Engineering Software
  • Oil and Gas Production Software
  • Oil and Gas Project Management Software
  • Oil and Gas Back Office Software

The enumerated software below is not exhaustive, however, we have selected the top-rated software based on users' reviews from G2. Moreover, certain software that repeats in other categories has been excluded.

Oil and Gas Exploration Software

Oil and gas corporations use exploration software to find and analyze deposits before deciding whether to begin extraction. Oil and gas businesses use exploration software to estimate the size, accessibility, and general feasibility of resources. Oil and gas businesses can begin planning extraction operations and preparing infrastructure that assures the safety of their people by employing exploration software. Exploration software is a useful tool for identifying hazards and assessing risks.


1. Wellview

For well planning, drilling, completion, testing, and workovers, WellView is a full well information management system. This well integrity software is single, comprehensive drilling and well information database that eliminates duplicate data entry, enhances data quality and fosters collaboration.

2. Petrel E&P Software Platform

In an unrivaled productivity environment, the Petrel E&P software platform brings disciplines together with best-in-class applied science. Companies may use this shared earth approach to standardize operations from exploration to production, allowing them to make better decisions based on a clear understanding of both opportunities and dangers.

3. geoSCOUT

geoSCOUT is a decision-support technology that integrates public and proprietary data from wells, well logs, land, pipelines and infrastructure, fields and pools, and seismic studies to provide information for all disciplines.

4. IHS Kingdom

From prospect through production, IHS Kingdom software delivers the capability you need for portfolio management, from interpretation to microseismic analysis and geosteering, resulting in interpretation and modeling, data sharing, and enhanced decision making.

5. myQuorum

A software platform created by energy professionals to unify the energy business.


Oil and Gas Geology and Seismic Software

Oil and gas corporations employ geology and seismic software to estimate the seismic hazard of their fields and reserves. Drilling can cause seismic activity, which is why geology and seismic software are so important for determining the safety of extraction projects before they go live. This type of software can also monitor seismic risk during extraction, as well as to avoid accidents or disruptions.



1. Surfer

For scientists and engineers, Surfer® is a full-featured 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis software tool. Surfer's powerful interpolation engine converts XYZ data into publication-quality maps in a matter of seconds. Almost every detail of the map can be customized. Add profiles, legends, titles, and labels to maps, as well as faults and breaklines and external maps from any web mapping provider.

2. Geoprobe

Geoprobe software is a multi-volume 3D interpretation and visualization tool that speeds up workflows from basin size to detailed prospect and reservoir research.


PLAXIS 2D is a strong and easy-to-use finite-element program for 2D deformation and stability analysis in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. PLAXIS is used by leading civil and geotechnical engineering companies and institutes all around the world.

4. Geophysics by Seisware

Geophysics is a seismic interpretation solution that includes all of the tools needed to interpret both conventional and unconventional plays in a single package. Large projects that are fully scalable can be shared among multiple team members.

5. ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst

ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst is a software extension for ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Enterprise. Real-world observations are not always possible for predicting and modeling spatial events. The spatial interpolation methods in ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst allow you to construct optimal surfaces from sample data and analyze forecasts for enhanced decision-making.


Oil and Gas Simulation and Modeling Software

The extent and viability of deposits, extraction, and production operations are determined using simulation and modeling software. The resource reservoirs, prospective equipment utilization, and environmental implications are all depicted in these models. These tools aid in making educated decisions, risk assessment, and safety precautions.



1. Aspen HYSYS

Optimize the entire site in one environment, using industry-validated simulation accuracy and time-saving procedures to increase safety, throughput, and profits.

2. AFT Fathom

AFT Fathom is an engineering-oriented fluid dynamic simulation software that calculates pressure drop and pipe flow distribution in liquid and low velocity gas piping and ducting systems.


Multi-scale modeling, bespoke modeling, a complete process flow sheet, and many other features are available in gPROMS.


CHEMCAD is a comprehensive package of chemical process engineering software that is easy to use. It provides the capability and versatility to suit an engineer's chemical process modeling demands, from little, everyday problems to huge, multi-dimensional projects.


PIPEPHASE is a multiphase fluid flow simulation package for modeling gathering networks and pipeline systems in a steady-state environment. Modeling applications ranging from single well sensitivity evaluations of important parameters to a multi-year planning study for a full production field are all possible with this system.


Oil and Gas Engineering Software

Engineering software assesses how to best use resource reserves, devising the most efficient extraction and product techniques while taking profit and safety into account. Oil and gas engineering software combines characteristics found in geology, production, and exploration tools. As a result, it is critical for this type of software to communicate with these solutions.



1. SAP Oil and Gas

Processes for oil and gas production and delivery should be modernized.

2. G2

G2 enables you to build, deploy, and change real-time, rule-based, mission-critical expert applications for telecommunications, banking, government, military, manufacturing, utilities, and transportation.

3. aspenONE Engineering

aspenONE Engineering is a market-leading collection of process engineering and optimization products.

4. AVEVA Engineering

AVEVA Engineering enables multidisciplinary engineering teams to collaborate effectively as they collaboratively define all the essential engineering elements involved in plant or marine projects.

5. myQuorum

A software platform created by energy professionals to unify the energy business.


Oil and Gas Production Software

Extraction processes are managed by production software in order to maximize resource use and profitability. It is compatible with a variety of deposit types, extraction methods, and locations. Compliance with health, safety, and environmental requirements is made easier using the program.


1. GreaseBook

Greasebook is a cloud-based oil and gas reporting system that helps small and medium-sized operators collect, collaborate, and review data. Inventory management, maintenance scheduling, resource management, and equipment management are some of its important aspects.

2. Aspen Petroleum Scheduler

Providing a single platform for corporations to undertake important refinery scheduling tasks, such as dock and pipeline movements for worldwide refineries.

3. Petrel E&P Software Platform

In an unrivaled productivity environment, the Petrel E&P software platform brings disciplines together with best-in-class applied science. Companies may use this shared earth approach to standardize operations from exploration to production, allowing them to make better decisions based on a clear understanding of both opportunities and dangers.

4. Aspen InfoPlus.21

A process historian program that makes it simple to collect, integrate, store, and retrieve data from a variety of sources in order to provide a complete picture of production operations.

5. Enertia

A graphical delivery system interface for daily estimations and monthly volume allocations, AFE management, morning reports, and wellbore drawings is provided by this solution.


Oil and Gas Project Management Software

Oil and gas project management software caters to the industry's varied operating requirements. It keeps track of exploration and production milestones, maximizing resources for capital investments, facilitating development into new markets, and assisting with project risk management. Project managers use this software to plan, schedule, and track tasks.



1. OpenWorks

OpenWorks is a project data management system that enables team members to benefit from the efforts of others.


Software for managing wells and reservoirs, including visualization, performance analysis, sweep optimization, and well interfaces.

3. ONEview

Pedigree Technologies' OneView® is the most adaptable option for businesses searching for a configurable fleet management system with real-time visibility and extendable applications. Trailer tracking, fleet and maintenance management, temperature, tank, and tire monitoring, dash cams, driver solutions such as ELDs, dispatching, and electronic work orders are just a few of the features available.

4. SSI

Oil and gas accounting software for businesses in the energy sector.

5. GeoFields DataFrame Data Maintenance

DataFrame Data Maintenance allows you to maintain and change business pipeline data via a desktop interface, including pipeline location, pipeline facilities with offline features, and geographical information.


Oil and Gas Back Office Software

Back office software created only for the oil and gas business is required to cover issues such as oil and gas accounting and land records administration. Oil and gas back-office software also provides regulatory oil and gas reporting. Oil and gas firms can track revenue from many sites and mineral deposits by utilizing this type of software to track financial asset depreciation, manage costs for complicated processes like exploration, extraction, and production, and monitor financial asset depreciation.



1. DocVue Content Management

DocVue Content Management reduces the inefficiencies of increasing shared drives, as well as the time and costs involved with searching for hard copy papers, refiling documents, and maintaining traditional file cabinets.

2. Oildex OpenInvoice

OpenInvoice, from Oildex, is a cloud-based collaboration system designed to streamline and automate complicated finance and field operations procedures.

3. SherWare Accounting Manager

SherWare Oil & Gas Accounting Software is a full-featured accounting system that helps you to keep track of all of your oil and gas income distribution and joint interest billing.

4. Quorum MOSAIC

With all-in-one reserves management, petroleum economics, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis, you'll have a better understanding of the industry.

5. P2 BOLO

P2 BOLO is an on-premise software system for managing accounting, production, and operations, as well as land and lease management, compliance and audit, tax and asset management, and more.


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Henry Bassey. Published Mar. 2022.


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