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The Best Independent MWD Engineers To Hire For Your Projects

Who Are MWD Engineers

MWD (Measurement-While-Drilling) is a method of well-logging that integrates measurement equipment into the drillstring and offers real-time data to aid with drill steering.

MWD uses gyroscopes, magnetometers, and accelerometers to detect borehole inclination and azimuth during the actual drilling, providing wellbore position, drillbit information, and directional data, as well as real-time drilling information. The data is subsequently delivered to the surface by electromagnetic telemetry and pulses through the mud column (mud pulse). The data can be decoded on the surface and instantaneously transmitted to an offsite location.

With such precise wells being drilled, MWD provides real-time data to drilling engineers, allowing them to make vital decisions while drilling. Geosteering is a relatively new concept in which wells are positioned based on geological features in the reservoir as determined by MWD. Video is now available to assist with the process.

The MWD Field Engineer is in charge of site survey equipment and reporting; maintains MWD equipment and field survey reports, as well as checks data quality. The MWD Field Engineer also works with the Directional Driller to ensure that the customer's well is drilled according to the engineering plan. Field Engineers will provide updates and recommendations on the status of the drilling project as well as other client support requirements.

An MWD Engineer's Outstanding Skills

  1. Extensive experience managing and monitoring MLWD services on-site.
  2. Excellent understanding of Drilling System products and services.
  3. Depth tracking system operational knowledge
  4. The capacity to deliver data to the right contactors is exceptional.
  5. Exceptional capacity to recognize and solve problems
  6. Ability to understand and evaluate data; excellent tool disassembly abilities

Requirements that are most desired in an MWD Engineer

  1. It is preferable to have a bachelor's degree in engineering, technology, or geology/geoscience.
  2. Experience on a rig is preferred.
  3. Experience in the military is preferred.

How to Hire Pre-vetted MWD Professionals from Manup Services

Manup services connect clients with a pool of pre-vetted and pre-qualified MWD engineers based on their project requirements.

For example, in the document below, we've presented a sample of the MWD professional demographics in our database. View samples of MWD professionals here.

To hire MWD Engineers from Manup, sign up here, or read this article for instructions on how to post projects and hire from Manup.

You can join Manup as a professional MWD Engineer and have faster access to projects. Sign up for a free account here, or learn how to sign up here.


Henry Bassey. Published Feb 2022.

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