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Hire Independent Directional Drillers In Texas

Henry Bassey. Published April 2022.

Directional drilling is a method used in the oil industry to gain access to subsurface sources of oil. Because oil wells are kicked off above the targeted reservoir, reaching them necessitates drilling vertically from the surface to the target reservoir beneath the surface. Directional drilling is distinct since it entails drilling at a non-vertical angle. (Any drilling that does not progress at zero degrees inclination is referred to as directional drilling.)

The primary advantage of directional drilling is that it allows firms to access multiple oil sources with a single well, lowering overall drilling costs while simultaneously decreasing environmental effects.

Manup, a renowned talent marketplace for the oil and energy business, helps its customers find experienced Directional Drillers for projects in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, etc.

At Manup, we think that talent acquisition should be simple, automated, and at a reduced cost.


How Can You Hire A Directional Driller In Texas On Manup?

On Manup, you may hire a Directional Driller in two easy steps:

  1. Create a job posting that is specific to the scope of your Directional Drilling project. We led you through the procedure step by step in this article.
  2. Examine the profiles of top Directional Drillers who have agreed to the project and schedule an interview straight from the Manup app.
  3. Otherwise, you can directly request a directional driller here.


What Is The Cost Of Hiring Directional Drillers On Manup?

Directional Drillers' pricing on Manup might vary depending on a variety of criteria, including experience, region, and daily rates demanded by each individual Directional Driller.

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Why Use Manup To Hire A Directional Driller in Texas?

We automate the processes of qualification assessment & vetting and auto-match talents to your needs after being vetted. There is no charge for recruitment and you gain access to world-class directional drillers on demand.

As one of the top talent marketplaces for the oil and energy sector, we link highly-skilled independent Directional Drillers to directional companies and help them create trusted, long-term partnerships so they can achieve more together. 

Allow us to assist you in assembling the ideal Directional Drillers team for your success.


Can You Hire A Directional Driller In Less Than 24 Hours On Manup?

Because our Directional Drillers are pre-vetted and pre-qualified before being onboarded, you'll be paired with them as soon as you submit a project.

Acceptance by Manup professionals, on the other hand, is contingent on the availability of personnel and the quality of your job posting.


Manup Can Help You Find Independent Directional Drillers Right Now!

Are you looking for someone to help you with your next large project? Get connected with top independent oil and energy workers right now! Don't let hiring keep you awake at night. Get in touch with us to access screened and available workers.

Experts can be hired for one-time projects, full-time contract work, and recurrent assignments. Create a job posting (it's free).

Please let us know what you require. Give as many details as you can, but don't stress if it's not perfect. Otherwise, just request here and we will handle the rest.


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Start hiring from Manup today, enjoy lower rates but world-class professionals!



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