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How Safe Is The Personnel Transfer Basket?

Offshore Personnel Basket Transfer

Crew transfers are widespread in offshore marine activities, especially at oil rigs and gas production sites, as well as in offshore facilities, construction, and maintenance projects. Walking, rope swings, crew boats, and cranes have been the most used techniques for sea transfers during both emergency and routine duties for decades. A vast percentage of these transfers are crane transfers employing a personnel transfer basket.

A personnel transfer basket, also known as a marine offshore man basket, is a carrier device designed to securely and swiftly transport crew from one location to another, using a crane system mounted on either a floating or permanent platform.

The Marine Offshore Man Basket is used for crew transfers in offshore marine activities. Offshore installations, oil rigs, gas-producing sites, and building and maintenance projects are all places where it is favored.

This safety personnel basket comes in two sizes to accommodate 4 or 8 people. The Personnel Basket is the safest and most recommended option since safety comes first. It's made under worldwide maritime safety standards and regulations like EN.


Oil and gas workers on the personnel basket


The Personnel Transfer Basket: Design and Application

Two platform rings and a frame distinguish an offshore people basket. This Marine Offshore Man Basket promotes safety by being built for marine offshore and ship-to-ship transfers. A bottom cushioned ring, a top ring, and a frame composed of netting ropes, metal, or both comprise the two platform rings and frames. They attach a lifting ring to the top ring to link the basket carrier to a crane hook system.

A personnel transfer basket is a safe and most cost-effective way to transport a sizeable group of people. Most commonly used as a primary or secondary mode of crew transport. Transfers are between two vessels, such as ship to ship, ship to boat, tanker to ship, and so on.

This marine basket is also used to transport emergency casualties or injured crew members to a helicopter or to serve medical staff onboard.

In an emergency, such as a fire or explosion, a crane people basket is a great way to get crew members out of harm's way. Because the Marine Offshore Man Basket delivers a secure and dry rescue, it is the most popular choice at sea. It is effective in times of terrible weather because it is more possible than any other choice for getting to a working place, and thus personnel transfer is the best option.


Evolution of the Basket of Personnel Transfers 

For more than fifty years, the offshore oil sector has been transporting employees from workboats to offshore installations. This procedure was carried out over the first forty years using a "people net" and a crane. The offshore business has spent the last ten years examining methods to improve this "tried and true" procedure. The first personnel net ride for a new hand was considered a "rite of passage," but it may be phased out in the coming years.

The drilling rig "Mr. Gus," a 16-leg drilling platform operating off the shallow coastal waters of Texas, was one of the earliest attempts to use this transfer method. Getting personnel up from the support vessels to the drilling platform was one of the many obstacles to drilling in the offshore environment.

The device has changed for decades, ever since it was first used. It has improved over time because of years of risk assessment to improve safety in a variety of water conditions and situations.

While there are many types of carriers, only those constructed particularly for personnel transfers are considered personnel transfer baskets. These rides could be foldable, standing, or seated.

Read more about the evolution here.


Oil and gas workers on the rig


Personnel Transfer Basket: How Safe Is It?

A personnel transfer basket is developed for maritime offshore transfers, with the goal of increasing the safety of personnel being carried from ship to platform.

This personnel basket is now being developed as a rigid sitting basket, with the ability to accommodate stretchers.

A Marine Offshore Man Basket, also known as a personnel transfer basket, ensures safe and quick personnel transfers between offshore, drilling rigs, and vessels. The basket improves safety and facilitates crew transfers at sea.

Finally, the lifespan of the personnel transfer basket is determined by its frequency of use with correct handling and storage.

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